My career

I have been awarded the diploma of a Master's degree of trilingual translation from German and English into French at the IPLV (Université Catholique de l'Ouest) in Angers in October 2015. Within the framework of my studies, took part in a work placement of translation, proof-reading and project management in the translation office MBA Translation of Nantes, which allowed me to understand the current needs of those who buy a translation service and the reality of a translator's job, but also to be ready for translations and to train my proof-reader's eye.




Within this framework, I revised technical, law, marketing, financial and industrial translations from French into German, from English into German and from English into French . I have also completed the intensive trilingual complementary training course German-English-French for art and patrimony at the Université Catholique de l'Ouest in 2014, which gave me thorough knowledge of English and German tourism and the practical knowledge as guide-interpreter.




I specialise in technical translations. Trained in general translations (press), literary (literature and publishing), touristic, legal, medical and automobile (this last field only from German), I did not wish to go deeper into these last three areas. If I have little affinities with the automobile, I am interested in the transport sector. That's right, the translator is a human being and as such he has his contradictions..!




I followed a very rich university program as at first I conducted a licence of German obtained in 2007 before beginning a Masters degree of culture and mediation of performing arts obtained in 2009, which gave me the taste for teaching. From 2009 to 2011 I taught English, French (my mother tongue) and German in France in secondary and upper schools. Then, I taught French as mother tongue, as second language (FSL) and as foreign language (FLE) in Germany in secondary schools and in a language school in 2012 and 2013. I have also taught German maternal language at the French primary school in Frankfurt.




Before leaving for Germany, I held a post where I was in charge of the medical care for insured holiday makers travelling abroad which allowed me to practice a relationship interpretation during telephone conversations between doctors and I also took care of the translations of medical check-ups. In Germany, before starting to teach, I held a position, where I was in charge of the French clientele for a German trader's site, which gave me good terminological and technical knowledge in the domains of decoration and lighting. From July to November 2012, an assistant teaching position in an English - German bilingual creche (children's nursery) allowed me again to perfect the two languages, especially orally.




Passionate about modern languages ever since my college (high school) days, I finally set my sights on translation studies which led me to this fascinating occupation. What do I like most? Learning more every day, weighing-up my words, writing and being the intermediary between the production and its readership.