Provided services

Translation of your texts from German and English into French.


My favourite areas? cultural heritage, event management, gastronomy, hotel trade, marketing, industry, cats and environment.


My other areas of interest? Advertisement, property business and hi-tech.


Very sensitive to the French language, I am keen to giving your texts their full meaning in their target language French, and to make them as accurate, clear and smooth as possible.


You would like to translate some commercial or tourist literature, a cooking recipe, training contents, a user's manual, a contract or commercial correspondence, an activity report, the contents of your internet site, your internal or external communications, don't hesitate to call upon my skills!


More than words, the translator translates ideas. Besides linguistic knowledge, a translation requires an analysis aimed at restoring the meaning (making sense). Therefore, I guarantee you:


  • A thorough reading of the source text (original text)
  • research, aimed at an exact translation
  • a coherent contents
  • the conservation of the meaning
  • terminological accuracy
  • a thorough proof-reading of the translation
  • high editorial quality
  • the taking into account of all remarks once the translation has been delivered and a reply to all your questions.

And because mistakes can happen, even to the best translator, my work is covered by a professional third party insurance.